History Of Tennis

History Of Tennis-History In The World.
Tennis is one of the popular sport in the world.
Some of us are following this great heritage that creates history.
What I mean here is that there are so many kids who want to play tennis professionally and make sport tennis as a career.

The history of tennis

Tennis is a sport that was already very old. Recorded on a sculpture that was made around 1500 BC in the wall of a temple in Egypt which shows a representation of the game of tennis balls and is played at religious ceremonies. The game was later extended throughout mainland Europe in the 8th century.

In the early development of tennis is played by using the hand or a stick slapped alternately using a ball of solid wood. The game is then evolved again into a ball game with a slapped across a barrier wall. Because at that time felt that ball control is more felt by hand, then the media is evolving at that time is to use leather gloves which then evolve again by adding the hilt. This is the embryo of the birth of a tennis racket. The ball was evolved from a solid wooden ball into a ball of leather filled with bran bran.

This sport is highly developed in France at that time. In the 16-18 centuries have begun much loved, especially by the kings and the nobles with the name 'Jeu de Palme' or sports fist. The word itself is believed to come from the Tennis French player who often mentions the word 'Tenez' which means "Play!" When will start the game and until now the word is used as the name of this sport. Tennis then expanded to plain English and also spread to Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. But tennis suffered a setback when the French revolution and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.

In the 19th century before tennis raised again by the English aristocracy to build facilities country club or a tennis court in his large house. Because at that time popular tennis is played on the lawn, then known as 'Lawn Tennis' or lawn tennis. At this time also began to emerge from vulcanized rubber ball which at that time was thought to reduce damage to the grass in the field without reducing the elasticity of the ball itself.

doherty_small.jpgSebutan Lawn Tennis originated from an Englishman named Arthur Balfour. Since the invention of lawn tennis, people started experimenting with the play on other surfaces such as clay courts (clay) and hard courts (cement). Menggeliatnya game of tennis was able to shift the game of Croquet as a summer sport. The peak occurred in 1869 when one of the leading croquet club in England, the All England Croquet Club, failed to attract many enthusiasts and try to include tennis as other sports. The result is a very successful club has attracted attention mainly on the Tennis game up in 1877 changed its name to 'All Engand Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club'. This history continues as the location of the club was held at Wimbledon there was an increase of rent which forced the club to get more funds than usual. Therefore, the club held the first tennis tournament at Wimbledon by forming a committee to hold the game and create a standard rule in this game. The tournament was attended by 20 participants with an audience of about 200 people and is the forerunner of the Wimbledon tournament which is one of the prestigious tennis grand slam tournaments in the world.

The right tricks to learn tennis

With practice and persistence, can master the tennis serve basis. Learn the basics is very important when it comes to tennis for beginners as it can determine the outcome of the game for players.

1 - take a position

For hands, they must stand with your left foot in front of the front of their bodies. The feet must be behind the service line, while the right foot should be slightly back. You must be on the right side toward the center of the baseline or the court.

2 - Target locked

Learning has landed in the left box. To ensure that, right-handers should be pointing their toes right to the poles completely clean, with your knees slightly bent. Seeing the place where you want the ball lands.

3 - begin to learn

This is a very important step when you are looking for ways to learn in tennis. Here you will have to hold the racquet in your dominant hand and the other balls. Throwing up the ball in the air, instantly.

4 - connect with the ball

After the ball in the air, lift the dominant hand with the racquet, ready to hit the ball. The grip can be normal, just bring your racquet behind and then anticipate the ball, swing a racquet.
As mentioned earlier, to know how to serve in tennis, using visualization as you did before. Aiming for the ball to go across the court.
Ideally, the ball should land in the box before the court. So you'll have to use the appropriate power, to be absorbed by the amateurs as they begin to learn to play tennis.

Here's an important thing to remember is to strike the ball with the racket face. Hitting too high, will lead the ball to come out of the court and hit the ball too low will land the ball in the net. That's it! It's all about how to serve in tennis step by step!

How to Serve in tennis fast

Previous description is about learning as a clear basis of clues as to how to learn in tennis. Outlines the types of learning, learning tennis flat.

The position and attitude

Stand how you would normally to serve, to be upright in the context of the net. Shoulder rotation is facilitated either by a stand like this.

Throwing a ball Tricks

Once you are in the correct position, throw the ball as you did to serve basic. Throwing the ball slightly to the side of your dominant. The ball must be cast in such a way that the ball makes contact with the center of the racquet.

Swing and hit

Then learn to swing through the ball and followed by snapping your wrist down. This will facilitate the movement required by the ball dive down while in the service box.

Last, but not least, follow through will be done by bringing the racquet all the way down. Will have to come under your arm on the left.

While discussing in learning how to serve in tennis, follow through is very important to serve to complete and have the best chance for the desired effect.
You can also refer to how to play tennis for more information.

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