The History Of Yamaha Corp

The History Of Yamaha Corp-History In The World.
We often hear about products from Yamaha and often seen on the street or in the parking lot.
Here I will review about the beginning of the factory Yamaha's stand and what products that have resulted from the company.

 Yamaha was established in 1887, founded the company when Torakusu Yamaha Corp. Yamaha (Nippon Gakki) who makes musical instruments piano / organ, not long after the Yamaha is known as a maker of musical instruments in the world,
The logo was June 1, 1955, Yamaha Motor Corp. stand. separate from the Yamaha Corp.. but still tetep in one group. His first production motorcycle is a 125cc single cylinder 2 stroke, where motor-plek plek copy of the DKW 125cc.

British manufacturers BSA also from this German manufacturer known as Bantam. 125cc motor is known as an alias YA1 Atakombo (also known as the Red Dragonfly). This motor is pretty successful .. and subsequent production using a 175cc engine. Production of the next motor adaah twin cylinder YDI in 1957, capable of issuing power 20 bhp .. and won the race in Japan's Mount Asama. Production around 15,811 bikez .. and this number is still below the Honda or Suzuki.

Furthermore, Yamaha developed quite rapidly and in 1959 his first sportz bike keluarlaah known as YDSI with 5 speed gearbox. 1960, production increased 6-fold to 138 rebu motor.

After the end of the Korean War, the U.S. economy was booming and it encourages exports to Japan in particular motor Amerka States. In 1962 exports to the U.S. Yamaha motorcycle as much as 12 thousand. Then in 1962 already mencaoai 12 thousand units.

Similarly to 1963, approximately as many as 36 thousand units, and its apex in 1964, exports reached 87 thousand units. In 1963, Yamaha makes 250cc, twin cylinder and water cooled. Since then, Yamaha pretty well known throughout Japan. In 1965, Yamaha's production has reached 244 thousand units and destining 50:50, where the majority for export whereas most other domestic consumption.

Yamaha began developing its wings by opening a factory outside of Japan. Factory outside Japan was first opened in Thailand in 1966. Slowly but surely began to pass Yamaha Suzuki in terms of motor production, which by 1967 had reached 406 thousand units of the motor. This amount is over his nearest rival by a margin Suzuki about 4 thousand units.

Furthermore, Yamaha began developing for the first time the bike trail. The first dirt bike uses a 250cc single cylinder engine. Besides, Yamaha also developed a sports car unit of 2000cc, 6 cylinder and DOHC for Toyota Motor, and this will assist in developing high performance Yamaha bikez later.

In 1969 Yamaha developed the race circuit adjacent to the Yamaha factory in Iwata. In 1970, the number of product types offered up to 20 types of motorcycles ranging from 50cc s / d 350cc. Yamaha also realize the potential of two strokes is still wide open and Yamaha rebu produces about 574 engines and 60% of them for export.

And in the same year also, Yamaha began playing at 4 strokes to remove the vertical twin 650cc motor XS1 where megadopsi of Triumph Twin. This motor is capable of issuing power of 50HP at 7200rpm and maximum torque of 52Nm at 6000RPM.

And now many Yamaha products that are world market.

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