History Of Basketball: game and the development

Hisories In The world-History Of Basketball: game and the development.

Basketball game was created by prof. Dr. James A. Naismith one physical education teacher Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) Springfield, Massachusetts, United States in 1891. Ideas that promote the establishment of branch olahragabaru this is the fact that this time the membership and visitors to the school were increasingly degenerate. The main reason was the tedium of the members of the sports training Senamyang stiff movements. In addition, the perceived need in the winter to keep doing the sport that attracts more urgent.

Dr. Luther Gullick, superintendent head of sport at the school is aware of the symptoms that are less good, and immediately contacted Prof.. Dr. James A. Naismith and gave him the task to construct a new sports activities that can be played indoors in the afternoon. In welcoming the task was Nasimith develop an idea that suits the needs of an enclosed space that is a game that is not so hard, there is no element menendan, tackle and interesting and not difficult to learn. The first step, tested it recomposition of the game Football, Baseball, and Football Lacrose. But none that match the demands. Because in addition to difficult to learn, also the game is still too loud to be played in tertutupyang lighted room. From the results of experiments conducted Naismith akhrinya it came to the conclusion that the new game should use a round ball, not tackle, and should eliminate the wicket as a target. To tame the ball instead of kicking movements carried out by hand and pass the ball (dribbling) as the pinnacle of excitement, the goal is replaced with another target narrow and located above the players, so with such a preferential target object does not lie in the strength of the shot as it happens at the time of kick, but the accuracy menembak.Semula Naismith would use wooden boxes for target shooting, but since the time of the experiment is done which there is only baskets (basketball) peaches are empty, then finally shot baskets that were targeted. From the words of this basketball game then newly discovered Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith Basketball is called.

Some important notes in the development of basketball.

Year 1891: Prof.. Dr. James A. Find a game Naismith Basketball
Year 1892: For the first time Naismith introduced the game of basketball to the community (United States)
Year 1894: Prof.. Dr. James A. And Dr. Naismith. Luther Gullick for the first time issued an official game rules.
Year 1895: The word Basketball is officially accepted and incorporated into the English vocabulary.
Year 1913: For the first time held the Far Eastern Championship Basketball. On occasion, the team defeated China Phillipina.
Year 1918: U.S. occupation troops and members of the YMCA Basketball game introduced in many European countries.
Year 1919: The Olympic Military in Joinville, Basketball game is one sport that dipertandingkan.Tahun 1932: For the first time held Basketball Congress held in Geneva Switzerland. The participants who attended were: Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. Important decisions are generated is the formation of the International Basketball Federation - Federation International de Basketball (FIBA)
Year 1933: For the first time diselnggarakan Student Basketball World Championship in Turin - Italy.
Year 1935: In the Congress of the International Olympic Committee, Basketball accepted as one of the number of Olympic Games.
Year 1936: For the first time competed in the Olympic Basketball Berlin. Twenty-two countries participated. Champion is the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Year 1939: Prof.. Dr. James A. Naismith died.

Know the game of basketball

Know Games Basketball Games Basketball is played by two opposing teams. Each team is doing the game on the field consist of 5 persons, while the substitute no more than 7 people, so that each team consists of at most 12 players. Basketball game is played on hard courts are deliberately held to it, either in the open field or in a closed room. In effect, each team has a chance to menyerangdan the ball as many baskets themselves to as much as possible not intruding. Broadly speaking Basketball game done by using three techniques that have become essential elements of the game, namely: passing and catching the ball (Pasing and catching), dribbling (dribbling), as well as shooting (shooting). The three elements of technique had evolved into dozens of advanced techniques that allow the game of Basketball and varied life. For example, in the technique of passing and catching the ball there are several ways such as: repulsion chest (chest pass), repulsion at the top of the head (overhead pass), repulsion reflection (bounce pass), and so forth. In a series of this technique, also known as a pivot that is at the time of holding the ball, move one leg and one foot still on the floor seabgai pedestal. Dribbling technique is closely related to traveling, the movement of the foot that is considered wrong because it exceeds the specified steps. Also a double dribble hand movements that are prohibited because of dribbling with both hands, or dribble a second time after the ball held with both hands. Shooting technique is closely related to the motion trick, jump, block, and so forth. So many games techniques to be mastered by a Basketball player, so it is difficult to be specified one by one in this paper. However, by mastering the three basic elements of technique tadiserta some sequel, someone has been able to play basketball, although not perfect.
Terms of playing and competing.

As described above Basketball game played by two teams, each consisting of 5 players. Referee who leads consist of 2 one who is constantly changing position. The official playing time 2 x 20 minute clean, not including the 10-minute break, time out, two times for each team per round for 1 minute, when replacement players or the referee's whistle sounded as the ball out of court or violation / mistakes such as foul and traveling. If the match official (referred to here is not a friendly) occurs the same collection rate, the time is extended so round (every 5 minutes) until there is a difference angka.Khusus for Mini Basketball games that cater children under the age of 13 years, imposed its own regulations somewhat different, among others: the ball used is smaller and lighter, lower mounting basket, game time 4 x 10 minutes with 3 times the break and another as in the case of replacement players. Game rules are used heavily dependent rather than rule PERBAIS / FIBA ​​where applicable. For example in 1984, the applicable rules of the game is the Game Rules PERBASI / FIBA ​​years 1980 to 1984.
Tools and Field Equipment Game Rules Based PERBASI / FIBA ​​years 1980 - 1984, tools and field equipment consists of:


Made of rubber coated kind of bloated and leather, rubber or synthetic. Circumference of the ball is not less than 75 cm and not more than 78 cm, and weighing not less than 600 grams and not more than 650 grams. The ball was pumped in such a way so that when reflected off the floor from a height of 180 cm will soar no less than 120 cm of not more than 140 cm.
Mechanical Equipment
For recording the time required at least 2 pieces of stopwatches, one for recording and another time to time out.
Instrument for measuring time of 30 seconds.
Paper score (Scoring Book) to record / record matches.
Cues - scoring board, a sign that the individual error numbers 1 through 5, and two red flags for error squads.
Shaped rectangular game field with a length of 26 m and a width of 14 m as measured from the edge of the boundary line. Variations in size diperolehkan dengna increase or decrease the size of 2 m length and width increase or decrease the size of 1 m. In this field there are several sizes such as: lingakaran middle, and others that are clear and detailed picture will be described in detail below.
Board reflection reflection board is made of hard wood as thick as 3 cm or of a suitable transparent material. Board reflected a length of 180 cm and 120 cm wide .. High board, 275 cm from the surface of the floor to the bottom of the board, and is located 120 cm perpendicular distance from the midpoint of the line end of the field. (More details, see picture).
Basket Basket consists of Ring and Jala. The ring of iron that hard with a diameter of 45 cm orange. Height 305 cm from the surface of the ring floor and the surface mounted boards pantaul with a distance of 15 cm. While the mesh consists of hanging on a ring of white added. Nets 40 cm long.

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