The History Of Blog : What is Blog ??

Use of the Internet today has expanded into many lives, both in the social, cultural, economic, health, politics, and education. Internet is very important to exchange information and communicate quickly with no region restrictions, space and time.

The Internet is the abbreviation of the interconnected network. If translated directly means interconnected network. The Internet is a combination of computer networks around the world that would create a global information network system. All computers connected to the Internet can access all the information contained in the internet for free.

The Internet can be used as a means of exchanging information from one computer to another without being limited by physical distance between the two computer. Internet is a very important role is as a source of data and information and as a means of exchanging data and information, One of the tools of information exchange in cyberspace or the internet is a blog (weblog) in addition to various other tools such as social networks or called micro-, chats, websites, etc.

Now the opportunity this time I wanted to share stories that were collected from various sources, including wikipedia champion, as well as tu Mbah Google as an additional motivation for blogging experience or even better, the story this time tu the title is "The title is above doing it easy diomongin again, weird! " yes it is important GPP ga violated pornography laws, .. ariel said to luna, ni .. aja direct wkwkw story titled Blogs history, ..

Blog Definition

Blog is short for "web log" is a form of web applications that resemble the writings (published as posts) in a public web pages. These writings are often published in reverse order (the latest content first and then followed the older content), although not always the case. Web sites like this can usually be accessed by all Internet users according to topic and purpose of the user's blog.

History Blog

Media blog was first popularized by, owned by PyraLab before finally PyraLab Google.Com diakuisi by the end of 2002. Since then, numerous applications are open source which is applied to the development of the writers of these blogs.

According to some sources, history is as follows:

    * On August 23, 1999, Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs, and became one of the first blog publishing service in the world.

    * In February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. The acquisition by Google is making some previously premium features of Blogger by Pyra Labs commercialized into a full service free to users. About a year later, co-founder of Pyra Labs, Evan Williams, resigned from Google.

    * In 2004, Google bought Picasa, it integrated with Picasa's Blogger service so users can publish collections of his photographs to the site he owned in the Blogger blog.

    * On May 9, 2004, Blogger introduced a fundamental change in the system redesign, including use of a template CSS (Cascading Stylesheet), individual archive pages for each of the posts, comments, and posting via email.

    * On August 14, 2006, Blogger launched its latest version (still in beta) with the code name "Invaders". This newest version of Blogger users migrating to Google's servers, in addition to adding several new features.

    * May 2007, all the Blogger service has been officially transferred and operated on Google's servers ..

Who are the Bloggers?

Who is the Blogger on the Internet this? Rebecca Blood on his blog Rebecca's Pocket Blogger says that the first are those who have taught themselves HTML because they enjoy it, or those who after a day working in their office, and then leaving a few hours of free time each day to perform web surfing and put the results on their blog. They are what he called the people who enthusiastically on the web. "Were These web enthusiast." He wrote. Evan Williams, founder argues, "The majority of Bloggers are young children or students. And many of those who use it to communicate with his friends. ".

Any person can of course make his blog each, but as Evan Williams, Blogger is currently comprised of the most dynamic young diary writer, offbeat and have an opinion for everything. In other words they are a generation that is not afraid to think and express their opinions. Creating a blog in addition to practicing writing, pouring out thoughts and see how our perspective from the other side could also be developed to have the functions of a website that is as media campaigns and information media.

When a blogger writes what's on her mind, she would often confront the thoughts and his opinions his own. Write a blog, or blogging, every day would make Blogger a more confident writer. With accustomed to expressing his thoughts on his blog, a Blogger can better articulate his opinions.

Blogs can even become a kind of mental therapy. Of course not everyone is a Natural-Born Blogger and can produce an interesting blog. Outside, there are many Bloggers who felt the need to document each and every time she sneezes, or young children who wrote "I'm bored" or "School Sucks!" Every three hours.

Amy Jo Kim a consultant and author of "Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Succesful Online Communities", writes that required some basic requirements for being a Blogger, namely the ability to express themselves, the desire to communicate with the crowds and personal interests on "fair dealing". Blogs seem to make her own way of life, thoughts, opinions and activities have a purpose Bloggernya more and more regularly.

Blog Functions

Blogs have a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publicity in a political campaign, to media programs and corporations. Some blogs are maintained by a single author, while others are by some authors. Many weblogs also have the facility of interaction with the audience, such as using the guest book and comments field that can allow visitors to leave comments on the contents of the papers published, however, there is also the opposite or non-interactive.

Web sites that related to each other thanks to the weblog, or in total is a collection of weblogs is often referred to as the blogosphere. Whenever a collection of wave activity, information and opinions are very large recurring to some very controversial subject or happening in the blogosphere, it is often referred to as storm blogstorm or blog.

Community Bloggers

Community bloggers is a bond that is formed from [the bloggers] on the basis of certain similarities, such as the common origin, common campus, similar hobbies, and so forth. The bloggers who are members of communities of bloggers are usually often hold activities together such as ground coffee.

To be able to join in the community of bloggers, usually some sort of terms or rules that must be met in order to enter the community, ie, originating from a particular region.

The types of blogs in terms of usage

    * Political Blog: About the news, politics, activist, and all the issues-based blogs (like the campaign).

    * Personal Blog: Also called an online diary which contained about someone everyday experiences, complaints, poems or poetry, bad ideas, and conversations of friends.

    * Stubs Blog: Blog which discusses about something, and focus on a particular discussion.

    * Health Blog: More specific about health. Health blog mostly about the patients' complaints, the latest health news, information about health-ketarangan, etc..

    * Blog of literature: Better known as litblog (Literary blog).

    * Blog trip: Focus on the discussion of travel stories that tell the details about the trip / travel.

    Blog * research: The question of academic as the latest research news.

    * Blog the law: The question of law or legal affairs; known as blawgs (Blog Laws).

    * Blog the media: Focus on the discussion lies or ketidakkonsistensi mass media, usually only for a newspaper or television network

    * Blog of religion: To discuss about religion

    * Blog of education: Usually written by students or teachers.

    * Blog of togetherness: more specific topics written by a particular group.

    * Blog guide (directory): Contains hundreds of links pages.

    * Blog business: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for their business promotion activities

    * Blog embodiments: Focus on an object outside of human beings; like dogs

    * Well this is the last most severe, "Dont Try This at Home" Essentially, .. haha That blog with pornographic  content, or often called xxx including confounding Blog (spam ):  Used for business promotion affiliate, also known as splogs (Spam Blogs)

da over 10 million blogs can be found on the Internet. And still could grow again, because now there are lots of software, tools, and other Internet applications that make it easier for bloggers (the term blog owner) to treat blognya.selain care and continue to update on his blog, the bloggers who are new and still often do blogwalking, ie activities in which the bloggers leave a link on a blog or another site while commenting. Some bloggers now have even made the blog as a source of major revenue through AdSense advertising program, paid posts, selling links, affiliates and others.

So then comes the term professional blogger or problogger, people who rely only from blogging activities. because it is the fact that many channel-channel revenue funds in the form of dollars and this amount of blogging activity.

Risk of crime

Because blogs are often used to write everyday activities that occur on the author, or reflect the views of its author about a variety of topics that happen and to share information - blogs a source of information for hackers

, Identity thieves, spies, and others. Many secret files and sensitive issues found in the writing of blogs. This lead to a person fired from his job, blocked access, fined, and even arrested.

in recent years, the number of blog users has reached millions of people, there are a variety of blog services like blogger aka blogspot, wordpress, joomla, myspace, etc. loads please type in the search aja mbah google would appear many really, but from all over the blog service -blogs are the most users for the Indonesian region is a blogspot, wordpress, and my space .....

Well until the first story here may be able to sleep soundly after they finish reading the story about the history of blogs and understanding blogs, :-).. until we meet again in the subsequent discussion is a comprehensive history of blogspot and wordpress, thank you .........

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