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 Amazon.com has more than a decade old, the company became one of the examples in the success of Internet marketing. By Jef Bezos founded in 1995 that started selling books (bookstore) on-line, which later evolved sell various items and products in a massive, then music and video, and now software, household products, and furniture, etc. - Amazon's growth become a virtual department store with over 17 million online consumers worldwide, based in Seattle, Amazon earned a revenue of more than $ 1.6 billion in sales each year e-commerce. Even when the department store chains that have succeeded, such as Barnes and Noble and Wal-Mart is trying to seize a larger part in on-line retail pie, CEO Bezos has managed to maintain on-line shop Amazon.com as an online market leader and retain consumers through continuous innovation.

At the moment there is no company like Amazon when Bezos was researching software and the internet for a company in New York City in 1994. he was interested in the possibility of establishing the business to sell books through the World Wide Web in a way that is almost the same as companies that receive orders and sell books by mail. This idea proved to be very interesting so Bezos quit his job immediately, collect money from family and friends, writing a business plan, and moved to Seattle to be located near major book supplier. One year later, Amazon.com started its business. In the first months of its establishment, without advertising or public relations services, the site attracting customers from all U.S. states and more than forty other countries.

At the commencement of business permulan Amazon, the big book store chain that already exist do not pay much attention to the Amazon. However, trays, two years, the company's strategy online stores like Amazon.com provide a discount, e-mail about a book review is free and easy search facility that has attracted so many buyers and so much media coverage so that the competitors began to fight for open his own Internet bookstore. However, Amazon has an established reputation and customer loyalty becomes the main obstacle that needs to be addressed by our competitors. Despite aggressive promotion and the aggressive pricing strategy, still not able manyamai Barnesanobie.com on-line sales and customer size of the Amazon.

Meanwhile, Bezos has developed the company into a wide range of products by buying shares in e-commerce companies such as drugstore.com and pets.com. he also designed the auction session in the Amazon to attract success like that obtained at eBay, the Internet auction site first. In addition, Bezos at Amazon site to make room for zShops, a room where small businesses can sell products on Amazon by paying the fare.

One reason for the success of Amazon is a style of action-oriented management of its founder, Bezos. Although he carefully planned his company in the future movements, he also wanted to avoid the paralysis that may be derived from an analysis of the prudence that is not endless. As a pioneer in e-commerce, Bezos used to make decisions quickly to take advantage of the opportunities are unpredictable and often fleeting. He encourages all its employees in the Amazon to do the same thing, even if it means occasional missteps. Working within the Internet, Bezos feel better if he directed his company to enter something that is not yet known, and fix the problem later on, rather than hinder its growth now.

To be able to continue to grow and innovate, Amazon must continue to receive, train, and motivate managers and employees. Bezos personally involved in the decision raised the top managers, who he believes to hire people who will work under it. Since Bezos knows that a worker who has the skills crucial to the success of Amazon, Bezos asks probing questions about hiring technique when he was interviewing candidates for top management.

In the midst of a crowded schedule management, Bezos still setting aside valuable time for exploring the Amazon Web site, and often go for a walk in the shopping center looking for new ideas. To stay in touch with employees and customers, she was grateful to certain employees for work they have done, and he was reading the messages e-mails from consumers to know what they like and do not like. Approximately one-third of the time the CEO used to visit a national network of distribution centers the Amazon, where he answered questions of employees and re manenanamkan six "core values' of the company: customer obsession, ownership, the tendency to act, efficient, high admission requirements, and innovation.

Every month in December, Bezos and the entire management team worked directly involved to handle peak demand during the holidays. By directly participate in wrapping packages to be sent to consumers or to answer calls from consumers, they can feel what faced by first-line managers and employees - and know what to chill by the consumer. The tradition of direct experience in this annual return is also sharpen managers achieving a feeling, that in the fast-changing industry that has this, everything is important.

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