History And About Ebay Online Shop

 Ebay.com is the central and the buying and selling of goods or services online auction world's largest, all people from all over the world can buy or sell on ebay, because of the many ebay users as much as 200 million people in June 2006 (equal to the population of the world's fifth-largest country after Indonesia 220 million people) you can find almost any goods or services on ebay such as:

- Antiques
- Works of art
- Supplies baby
- Book - Business and Manufactoring Establishment
- Camera and Pohto
- Cars, boats, vehicles and spare parts
- Mobile and PDA (Cell Phones & PDAs)
- Clothing, shoes and accessories
- Coins and paper money
- Collection
- Computers and networks
- Consumer Electronics
- A small ship
- Doll (Dolls & Bears)
- DVDs and Movies
- Memories of entertainment
- Gift
- Health and beauty
- House and garden
- Jewelry and watches
- Music
- Musical instruments
- China and glass goods
- Housing
- Special Service of a field
- Sports Goods
- Memories of sports, sports cards, fans shop
- Stamp
- Tickets
- Toys and hobbies
- Travel
- Video Games
- Anything

The main payment method is by Paypal on ebay, because it is safer for both buyer and seller, suitable for auction and instant payment, Paypal user address to a transaction has been verified by Paypal so minimize the possibility of fraud. Nevertheless there are also sellers who accept other means such as e-gold, Moneybooker, Stormpay, western union, checks, bank transfers etc.

Ebay history

eBay was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb, part of a personal site that included, Omidyar donated papers to the Ebola virus. This site was originally owned by Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar consulting firm. Omidyar had tried to register a domain name EchoBay.com but that name has been owned by someone else, so he shortened the name to eBay.com. eBay is headquartered in San Jose, California, Meg Whitman has become president of eBay and its CEO since March 1998

Ebay to be the largest able to capitalize on the momentum now because as the first to get the user as much as possible. Originally it was done by offering its service for free. Once users begin much, then started to charge for the eBay listing fee.

At that time, several competitors began to emerge and some even offer free listing fee. Fortunately for eBay, then the number of users on his website has reached greater numbers.

In fact, when giant Yahoo! Open Yahoo! Auctions and offers a free listing fee as well, eBay is not affected. Some eBay users who bid tempted Yahoo! And switch to it eventually return to the bosom of eBay because the buyers could not find a lot of sellers, and the seller could not find many buyers.

Here we can see how valuable the network effect. Values of eBay already swollen tissue so that even if eBay raised listing fee was also, not many are thinking of moving to another heart.

Through this network effect, eBay has created a large value (exponential when compared with the number of users), and also can get most of these values.

Interestingly, Yahoo! Are learning from the successful experience of turning things around when entering Japan. Yahoo! Entry into Japan ahead of eBay and it was the only market in which eBay can not compete and eventually decided to get out of eBay Japan.

The importance of network effects in online auction industry is making eBay and Yahoo! Attempt precedes each entry into other regional markets even though initially they had to lose first.

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