Google AdSense And history

Google AdSense And history-Histories In The Worl.

Who does not know google adsense?

Who does not know google adsense?
The presence of the google adsense can not be separated from the development history of innovation from google to bring together between the Advertiser and publisher of each other on the lucrative.

Advertiser can introduce the product, event or website that is known worldwide through a network of google Publisher.

For the bloggers webmaster, whose name is Google Adsense is not a new thing because it has long been known and they managed to achieve it. However, for novice bloggers like me may still be the question what and how is called Google Adsense. Because as I write this I still get the very minimum. But I'm sure one day will get the results sesusai with what I have done.

Here will be presented briefly re-discuss about Google Adsense that I have learned from various websites.

Today, Google Adsense is one of the quickest and easiest way to monetize the traffic or visitors to your website or blog, well if your site has a product or service to sell, or blogs that only provide free writing for visitors.

In short, Google Adsense allows website owners to put some code on their site that connects to an ad server owned by Google's database and retrieve and put the ads that are relevant to the keyword content on your pages. The website owner or webmaster will be paid as a percentage of fees earned from Google's advertisers when visitors click the ads in the website.
To join the Google Adsense program is free of charge as all costs have been borne by the advertisers who join the AdSense sister program called Google Adwords.

Google sends a "robot" digitally using a specific algorithm to track and decipher and analyze our web page content to determine the relevant keywords. The robot was then reported its findings to the server (ad server) Google, which further provides that in accordance with the keyword ads earlier. This process works automatically and takes place in a very short time.

History of Google AdSense program began in 2003, named "Google's Content Targeted Advertising".
Although the program is similar to Adsense that now, but it does not work automatically. Any website owner or webmaster to negotiate directly with Google, and websites that have page views per month is less than 20 million, refused to participate.

Along with the development of Google, they begin to realize how much money is wasted without the participation of small websites, which are more numerous and are eager to participate ads. The answer to the request and desire that is Google Adsense that requires no minimum traffic and open to all eligible sites throughout the Terms Of Service (TOS) of Google.

How much can you can join the Google Adsense program?
The answer depends on three things:

1. The amount of money paid by the ad is clicked
2 .. The number of visitor traffic your site
3. The number of visitors who click on ads on your site

Please note that the value of money for each click your ads varies greatly. Some are paid only $ 0.01 per click to over $ 10 per click. So you can get adequate income from this program.

So how do I join the Google Adsense program? Simply go to / adsense and sign up there. Make sure you read and study carefully their Terms Of Service because they have "AdSense Police" who served to kick you out of this program if you are not running on the specified line.
By participating in the Google AdSense program is like collecting free money.

Adsense is a glimpse of history that we all need to know.
Hopefully this description useful to you all.

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