History: Submarine In The World

History: Submarine in the World-Histories In The World
I have written an interesting and important history of the submarine for you. So you better know the history of the submarine.
Submarines are ships that move under the surface of the water, generally used for the purpose of and interest in the military. Most of the Navy owns and operates the submarine although the number and population of each country is different. Besides being used for military purposes, the submarine also used for science and marine and fresh water for duty at a depth that is not suitable for human divers.

history of the world's first submarine invented by a German inventor of Nuremberg in the year 1465 named Keyser reported to have designed a boat which can dive in the water. But that is consciously designed a boat dive to avoid the enemy is a very creative English named William Bourne.

In 1578 he made a plan with sufficient detail submarine. Equipped with tanks (ballast) which can in water content and on again to clear the floats. But this design did not realize the real, but only in the pour in the book Inventions of Devices. Yet the system replied tersebulah tank that would later become an important key to the submarine.

In the historical development of submarines in the world there is a Dutch investor named Cornelius Drebbel, 50 years later ventured to embody a submarine shaped like two boats in the stacking order in the lid with waterproof leather. Dayungannya holes are also made in such a way that does not take in water. Drebbel did not use the ship ballast system, but with normal weights like iron to a dive boat.

In 1620 he was demonstrating the submarines in the Themes River in London, and reputedly where he is rumored to have been put on the pipe and valve to clean the air entering the cabin and pulled out a dirty air. So he is pioneering the use schnorkel, tools of modern submarines which were found also by the Dutch of three centuries later, There is also a Frenchman, de Son who helped make the submarine to help the Dutch in the war with the English in 1652-54. His boat is made in Rotterdam, reinforced with iron spears in tabrakkan into enemy ships. De Son claimed the boat capable mengaramkan 100 enemy ships every day and can reach kepulawan Dutch colony in Indonesia in just six weeks only, but in reality, the vessel is unable to move and only a spectacle alone.

Hose 30 years later in the history of the submarine, one Italian priest Giovanni Alfonso Borelli in 1680 also designed a submarine in motion with oars and wearing flotation bags of goatskin. The priest had designed the ship because as a scientist he wanted to observe life in the sea with his ship. But the draft remains on paper, and when new people come into the UK, Symons Nethaniel copied it in 1747 and tested the boat in S. Themes. Reports at the time said the ship is able to survive in water for 45 minutes.

A British shipbuilder named his boat the other Day in 1773 succeeded in dipping his boat as deep as 30 feet. He wore the stone ballast that can be separated from the ship. A year later he tried again in deeper waters, Day along with its crew dipping their boat at a depth of 132 feet without considering the danger of increasing the water pressure. The ship and its crew does not show the surface, and efforts to help them fail because of the weather and then deteriorate. In suspected submarine Day squashed water pressure, and this is the first fatal accident history of the submarine.

In the course of history had been long enough, the use of submarines by the military objective to sink enemy ships, first tested in 1776 by an American freedom fighter, David Bushnel. His opponent is Navy Kingdom of Great Britain's most powerful in the world. When the American Revolution began in that year, Britain was a naval force to blockade the United States. To make up for and against the blockade that Bushnell made submarine named Turtle.

These small submarines planned to attack the enemy with the approach of the water, then attach explosives to the body of the opponent ships. With trigger trigger bomb exploded 30 minutes after it is attached, it is expected that small submarine is far enough away when the enemy after him.

In August 1776, a manned submarine Sergeant Ezra Lee was assigned to attack the British warship HMS Eagle which is equipped with 64 guns, which is the flag ship of Admiral Earl Howe. Warship was assigned to blockade New York.

But Ezra was the first person in history to attack the enemy with submarines, are not so lucky. Because people know english and hurried after him with a lifeboat. Ezra let go of explosives and a bomb was exploded in front of his pursuers so successfully Ezra Pass.

Two attempts to attack the submarine performed again, but failed all. In Britain opposed the U.S. war in 1812-13, Bushnell tried to attack again with a Turtle that has been on the increase. Target this time British frigate HMS Ramillies in Connecticut waters. The crew of the submarine was successfully docked at the bottom of it and trying to British ships hull to place an explosive punch.

At this time in English will launch his latest submarine, on Thursday (16.12.10) at Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria. The submarine cost 1.2 billion pounds was claimed as the UK's largest submarine in the world.

Submarine named Ambush has a size of 50 per cent larger than its predecessor, Swiftsure and Trafalgar. Approximately 291 feet in length, equivalent to the length of a football field. airbush as the submarine made submarines in the world.
Remarkably, the largest submarine is able to convert sea water into oxygen and fresh water so as to maintain its 98 crew remained alive. In addition, the submarine is also almost noiseless, so not easy to detect the enemy.

Sonar and radar can detect submarines Ambush other vessels within 3000 nautical miles (5556 kilometers). So, if it is in the area of ​​sea that separates England with France, these submarines can detect ships that were in New York, USA.

These submarines do not need refueling and can attack using missiles as far as 1,000 miles (1609 kilometers). The greatest, the submarine's mission is usually only 10 weeks, but in theory these submarines can survive in water without the need arise to the surface of a lifetime, 25 years.

Ambush will be carrying 38 missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles which have a cruising range of up to 1240 miles (1996 kilometers). In addition, these submarines will also be equipped with a heavyweight torpedo to destroy ships and other submarines.

Nuclear-powered engine that can propel the ship at speeds of up to 20 knots, allowing ships to travel 500 miles (805 kilometers) a day. So big, nuclear energy could be said to feed the entire city of Southampton.

Ambush will be officially launched and named by Lady Anne Soar, wife of Chief Commander of the Navy Sir Trevor Soar. Furthermore, the submarine-sized 7400 metric tons will be tested.

Just to note, this submarine can carry 98 crew. Moreover, the Ambush is also equipped warehouses that can store food for the need for three months, consisting of 18,000 sausages and 4,200 Weetabix cereal packs.

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