Google+ : Fastest History of Social Networking

Histories In The World's-Google+: Fastest History of Social Networking

+ Google down in history as the fastest growing social network in the world.

Paul Allen, Co-Founder mentions in his analysis, Google + has reached 18 million users until Tuesday (7/19/2011) American time. However, this growth is down 50 percent.

"Last week, we saw more than 2 million people registering Plus Google in one day," Allen said in his analysis as quoted by Mashable. "If this rate continues, Google Plus will reach 20 million users in next Sunday night. But in the past four days, users of Google Plus the average increase 948,000 people, and yesterday only 763.00 users increases. Yesterday is only 4.47 percent growth, This figure is too late since Google Plus opened last July 6, 2011, "according to Paul Allen's analysis.

Why is Google Plus slows down? Google Trends indicates the "buzz" around Google Plus does not move, and no "items" a new major. Allen makes an important point to mention Google's Plus is not promoted by a variety of other properties owned by Google. Social networking is still limited invite. Plus Google once promoted on YouTube or, growth skyrocketed.

Allen previously Google estimates Plus reaches 10 million users on July 12 and July 13. Figures 10 million users are authenticated Google CEO Larry Page on July 14.

Plus Google users who have the follower (follower) at most is Mark Zuckerberg with more than 250,000 followers, even though Mark does not post a single one in your Google account plusnya

Things You Need to Know About Google+

For those of you who do not know about Google + project, consider carefully the following article we are learning. It is still a new project started (trial), but for the opportunity would be able to try this feature. If you have not been able to try it, it never hurts to learn some more Google + project until the time the project is launched publicly.

If you remember a previous article that we post about the video features the newly launched facebook chat, it's Google + project indicates that Google still will compete with Facebook in the social networking world. Hmm ... really interesting for us is always monitored together.

Learning that we provide is not every thing you need to know about Google's Project +. This learning may be a book instead of an article, and Google's Project + is just beginning. Of course, if Google has a way, he will be able to survive for years in the world of online / internet.

While we certainly learned a lot more about Google + this project as time went on until the project was launched publicly, here are some quick cuts to get a little more familiar with Google's Project + is what we got and we summarized from various reliable sources:

Google does not consider this project as a "competitor" Facebook (at least in the public eye).

Google + is currently available for download as an app in the Android Market.

When you download, the application is a division of the "crowd" feature as a separate application.

According to Google, what's available now is "only a beginning". This is only the first feature or more features may be more to come.

Circles (circle) is one of the features at this time. It lets you share things with different people (a kind of Facebook Groups) but with very different user interface. Let you see the following video:

Another feature is the Sparks. It looks to videos and articles that you think you'll like, so that "when you're free, there is always something to watch, read, and share."

Hangouts are the other features. Basically it is a group video chat. Google describes it as "an unplanned meeting."

Instant uploads are mobile-specific features. Upload photos themselves just as you take them, and stored in a private area above the clouds.

Huddle is a conversation the other group features for mobile phones. Basically, it is a group chat.

The Stream

Stream or the flow is essentially equivalent to the Facebook news feed.

When you share something with Google +, it will be added to your stream and flow of every person who was with you or share it with them.

Stream shows all of your circle who have shared with you.

If you mention a user, using the symbol "+" or "@", that person may receive a notification that you mention to them.

You can see posts specific share in the stream / stream you are, whether they share with the public, for an expanded circle, or a limited group.

You can filter the stream based on a certain circle.

You can chat directly in your stream.

You can report inappropriate content.

You can find people from the search box or search box on top of the flow.

Soon, Google says you'll be able to find their own flow of the search box.

If you leave a comment on a post, you can edit or delete them.

The same applies for a post, but you can not edit a post sharing arrangement after the posting has been shared. However, you can delete the post and share again for a different circle.

You can "reshare" re-post or share made by others (such as retweeting on twitter).

You can "turn off" a post. This will let you stop receiving updates from a post, as if the comments get out of control for instance.
The Google Social Network

You can use the "Google + Bar" that appears at the top of Google's product range as your connection to social networks.

When you enter you will see the full name or email address shown with the photo or avatar in the next, to help you identify the account that you are entering.

If you have enabled multi-sign-in, you can go into two different Google accounts and switch between them using the Google + bar.

When you sign up for Google +, you also sign up for Picasa Web Albums, so all the photos and videos uploaded to Google + (including from your phone via Instant uploads) will also be available on Picasa Web Albums.

You can use Google +1 button from the stream.

You can easily have many friends in Google +.

Center user interface is very Facebook-esque.

+ Google is fast becoming the handle a lot of jokes (and even cartoons), but also has received many compliments so far.

With Google +, Google has recently added "you" a link to a redesign of the navigation bar (painted black) on Google properties.

You can view Google's public content + WITHOUT actually invited.

China has blocked Google +. It did not take long.

Invitations have been listed on eBay.

Already there are privacy concerns about Google's Privacy Guide + but can be found here.

According to the Financial Times article, you can share something in a "Circle" closed, but someone from the circle was then able to share a birthday with anyone, and even make it as public.
Once you understand everything like learning that we gave above, we sincerely wish you the best comment about Google + this project. Who knew we could learn and share experiences with loyal blog readers learn internet marketing, entrepreneurship, project-related social networks that Google created.
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